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About US

The Lash & Brow Academy USA is the premier source of professional products, advanced training, and lash & brow services in the country. Within the “LABA” brick and mortar academy in beautiful Encino, California , you will find the LABA Academy and LABApro Atelier.

The LABA academy

The LABA Academy provides training and certification for licensed cosmetologists and estheticians seeking to advance their careers in eyelash extensions and brow artistry. Founded in 2008, LABA has trained thousands of successful beauty professionals in these skill sets and protocols. As the exclusive distributor and training entity in California for NovaLash Eyelash Extensions, this advanced learning academy is the single source of Novalash professional products and certification in the state. Novalash is widely recognized as the number one eyelash extension company in the world.  Courses are offered within the flagship academy and also throughout the state of California at LABApro Affiliate Salons. These courses lead to acquisition of advanced skills in lash & brow artistry and many lead to certification if mastered by the student. The academy’s desire is to foster lifelong learning and growth for beauty professionals, including the consistent and progressive development of existing and new skill sets. Philosophically, the academy sees cosmetologists & estheticians that graduate from a accredited school, get their license and enter the workforce as a new beauty professional comparable to recipients of “undergraduate” degrees equivalent to an AA (two year college program). The next important step is to acquire advanced skills and develop ongoing educational and development plans.

LABA has a team of trained and certified LABA Trainers deployed all over the state of California. These highly qualified specialists are successful lash artists and when they are not training for LABA, they run flourishing lash & brow businesses. In addition to the expansive course offering at The LABA Academy in Encino, courses are offered throughout the state in various locations, including at LABApro Affiliate Salons. Affiliates Salons act as “unplugged” LABA academies and are owned and operated by certified LABA trainers.


Tucked beautifully inside the LABA Academy is the LABApro Atelier. This is a lash & brow salon environment that provides premier eyelash & brow services for loyal and discerning clients from all over the world. It is also the place professional lash & brow artists go to get their own services done! (Special pricing consideration is given to licensed cosmetologists, estheticians and certified lash & brow artists). LABApro Atelier Lash Artists are licensed cosmetologists or estheticians and certified in Novalash Eyelash Extensions including Classic, American Volume, and London Volume. They are also expert brow and makeup artists.

Photo Courtesy of NovaLash Eyelash Extensions

Photo Courtesy of NovaLash Eyelash Extensions


Professional Training

Licensed beauty professionals seeking advanced skills and certification in eyelash extensions, eyebrow artistry (including waxing techniques) and makeup application may be eligible to enroll in specialized classes, seminars and training led by the highly accomplished team of educators at the Lash & Brow Academy. Students enrolled in cosmetology school may be able to take some classes  concurrently with their cosmetology program and prior to receiving their licenses.  Before registering for a course, please check with your local licensing agencies for licensing and certification requirements. (The state of California requires an individual who performs eyelash, brow or waxing services to hold a current and valid esthetics or cosmetology license in order to perform these specialty services). The Lash & Brow Academy has trained thousands of professionals from all over the world at the Lash & Brow Academy and its Affiliate Salons in California. Novalash is the only eyelash product, methodology & system endorsed by the academy for eyelash extension training & services. Apply for enrollment online or by calling 818.346.4500

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Professional Products, Tools, & Supplies

The Lash & Brow Academy is the go-to source of professional products that support the needs of professional lash & brow artists.  For the convenience of licensed lash artists, The Lash & Brow Academy has a showroom displaying products, tools, and supplies that are needed to conduct lash and brow services including lash extensions of all sizes and diameters, tools such as diamond dusted forceps,  and home maintenance products and cosmetics


Labapro Tribe

Once a lash artist received certification from the Lash & Brow Academy, the magic begins.  opens its doors to beauty pros and the public by appointment. This give them the opportunity to enjoy lash and brow services from some of the best lash and brow artists in the world. Call us and make an appointment! Products: The Lash & Brow Academy is a stockist and distributor of some of the finest products, cosmetics, makeup and tools ever created to support the longevity and home maintenance of your services. LABA is the exclusive distributor of NovaLash in the state of California. Please call or stop by the academy in Encino for more information. Trainers & Educators: The Lash & Brow Academy continues to grow and expand. We are always looking for professional licensed, certified, and insured trainers to join our team! If you are interested, please email your resume to Lash & Brow Artists: If you have a passion for lashes and brows and are interested in your next career move, let us know! We have a network of lash and brow salons all over the State of California that may be looking for you. We also have a new apprentice program that we are launching in 2017 that will help prepare you for your lash career by working with the Lash & Brow Academy as an apprentice or lash & brow artist. It is a great way to work your way up to being a trainer someday! Please email your resume to