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Classic NovaLash Certification training will provide you the theory and science behind the NovaLash products, as well as health and safety risks. The training is an 8 hour course, with 4 hours of practical (hands-on) instructor-supervised training. The program trains the student in the most efficient and effective application techniques to safely and successfully perform the procedure. These methodologies, once mastered, will guarantee longer lasting applications for your lash clients.

After registration, the student receives a pdf of the NovaLash Training Manual via email. Prior to attending the class, the student must study and complete the written pre-certification course. This ensures preparedness for the class. Upon completion of the theoretical and practical instruction, trainees take a written certification and practical skills test. After passing these exams, and upon successful completion of a 5-step case study program following graduation, students will receive a NovaLash Certification from The Lash & Brow Academy and join the worldwide tribe of NovaLash Lash Artists!

Classic NovaLash Course Includes:

  • Eight-hour training day

  • Seminar Skills Training Manual (hard copy issued on the day of the class)

  • Business in a Box (issued on the day of the class)

  • Coaching from LABA/NovaLash Trainer through 5 case studies in 30 days

When the student successfully: 1) passes the pre-certification test, 2) attends all 8 hours of class instruction, 3) successfully passes the written exam & practical application skills test on the day of the class, and 4) Successfully completes 5 case studies in 30 days as approved by the LABA/NOVALASH Trainer, then he/she will:

  • Qualify to receive his/her Classic NovaLash Certification from The Lash & Brow Academy

  • Free listing on “Find a Stylist” after approval (submission of lash artist’s work is required)

  • Free access to marketing materials

  • Eligible to purchase NovaLash professional products from The Lash & Brow Academy,

After successful Classic NovaLash Certification, and approximately 6 months of consistently performing lash extension services, the NovaLash Lash Artist will be eligible to register and attend the NovaLash American Volume Certification course.


The total cost for a student to take the Classic NovaLash Certification Course $1244.00. This includes training, skills manual, NovaLash Business in a Box, and classroom materials. The breakdown of tuition and fees is as follows:

  • Tuition: $595.00

  • Business in a Box: $649.00 (taxable)

  • Training Manual: Included ( $10.00 value)

  • Refresher Course: Included ($350.00 value, valid in California only, tuition costs, no products included, ask for more details)

  • Tuition & Fees are not refundable. Rescheduling is available for up to 6 months following the original class date


In the state of California, you must have a valid cosmetology or esthetics license to provide eyelash extension services. Nail technicians, massage therapists, or other non-cosmetologists or non-estheticians are not eligible to do eyelash extensions in the state of California. State and country rules and regulations vary. If you are interested in coming to a class offered by The Lash & Brow Academy that takes place in California, and you meet the state or country requirements where you practice or plan to practice, please call us! We will walk you through the process of enrolling. Proof of residency may be required. All students are responsible for determining what the legalities and restrictions are in their respective state or country.

Students concurrently enrolled in cosmetology school pursuing either a cosmetology or esthetics license in California who have successfully completed a minimum of 300 clock hours may take the course. However, they cannot be certified or authorized to perform services until they graduate from their program, take the state board exam, and get their license. They must have successfully completed the pre-work, 8 hour class, including the hands-on, and submitted their 5 case studies within the 30 day time period following the class. Once they secure this documentation, they need to contact The Lash & Brow Academy and provide a copy of their license. LABA will then issue the Classic Novalash Certification.

The Lash & Brow Academy also has exclusive agreements with certain cosmetology schools in the state who offer authorized Classic NovaLash Certification in their schools. Please contact LABA for details.


The training is broken down into three sections including pre-course, classroom, and post-course activities

Pre-Course Study

After completing the registration process, paying your course tuition including the cost of the Business in a Box kit, complete instructions including the NovaLash Training Manual will be emailed to you. Along with the training manual, you will receive a link to the pre-certification test that you will need to complete and submit to LABA at If the student fails to complete this first part of the training, they will be asked to first complete the pre-certification test before joining the class.


This intense, action packed program includes in-depth lecture in a classroom environment followed by a demonstration by the trainer of an ideal lash application. The student is required to bring a model with them for the hands-on portion of the class. After the trainer has demonstrated the techniques, the student will begin applying lashes on their model under the direction and supervision of the trainer. Upon conclusion of the practical application, the trainer will evaluate the strengths of each student and help them identify opportunities for improvement. A written exam follows the completion of the course. Upon successful completion of the key performance indicators, the student will be given the instructions that they must follow for their case studies.

Things to remember on class day:

  • Do not be late. Be early. If your class starts at 9:00 AM, arrive at 8:45 AM. If your class starts at 10:00 AM, arrive at 9:45 AM. If you are more than 10 minutes late for the class, the trainer may ask you to leave and make-up the class on another day.

  • Do not drink caffeine on the day of the class. This is a technique that requires fine motor skills and steady hands. Caffeine can sometimes make performance difficult

  • Make sure you have a model lined up and committed! You will not be able to complete the class without one. Your model will be needed after lunch for approximately 4 hours.

  • Lunch is not included. You may wish to bring your lunch or seek out a place close by the training to have lunch. The lunch break is 45 minutes.

  • Bring your glasses if you need them. You can also bring magnifying goggles or similar vision enhancing tools if you feel you will need them. Eyelash extension application required excellent vision.

If you are unable to attend the class for any reason, contact the Kelli Modica, Senior Director of The Lash & Brow Academy as soon as possible. She will inform your instructor and work with you to reschedule.

Post-Course Study

The successful completion of the Case Studies is a critical part of the students learning and successfully achieving their certification. The student is required to complete and submit 5 lash extension applications to his/her trainer within 30 days of taking the class. After each demonstration of his/her lash extension application and technique, the student is submit photos of the clients before and after shots (without and with lash extensions). The student is to report to the trainer his/her strengths, challenges and status. The trainer will coach the student and carefully assess the students progress toward certification. When the trainer has evidence of eyelash application skills to receive certification, the trainer will inform the student and The Lash & Brow Academy. It is at that point that the academy will issue the student’s certification and inform NovaLash of the student’s status.