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"For Lash & Brow Artists by Lash & Brow Artists"

The Lash & Brow Academy, Inc. (LABA) is a premier provider of specialty lash and brow enhancement products and training serving the United States of America. The academy was officially founded in 2008 and has certified thousands of licensed cosmetologists and estheticians in lash & brow artistry over the last 15 years. 

2021 was a a year of change, growth, and blessings for The Lash & Brow Academy including the official launch of the LABA Eyelash Extension line of premiere lash extensions, liquids and tools. Designed "for lash & brow artists by lash & brow artists", the lash industry welcomed us with open arms, and we haven't looked back, except to take a nice deep breath on occasion!   

LABA's range of products include eyelash extensions in dozens of lengths, diameters, curvatures, and colors. The team also developed  6 different formulas of eyelash extension adhesives using the newest technology available in the world of eyelash extensions. We are excited for you to try them if you haven't had a chance yet.

The second big and exciting blessing for the academy in 2021 was becoming an authorized distributor of Elleebana in the USA! This beautiful company brought us the opportunity to be a full-service supplier and resource for licensed lash & brow artists throughout the country. The Elleebana portfolio includes Belmacil Lash & Brow Tint, Elleebana Profusion Lash & Brow Lamination, Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift, and Elleebana Brow Henna and more! We hope you checkout our website for more information on all the new products Elleebana is launching!

Thanks again for being here and for your support.  We love this industry and all of us wish you incredible success!  



 Melanie Thomas Kopeikin
Founder/General Manager
"Head Coach"

 Beauty industry strategist and business development specialist, Melanie Thomas Kopeikin, is the founder of The Lash & Brow Academy.  She started her beauty career as a makeup artist behind the counter and in the salon while working on her Master's Degree in Special Education. She found her passion in salon development and beauty industry strategy.

You may know her best by her role at Wella and Proctor and Gamble as the Senior Director of Business Development, or maybe as President of Pivot Point International.  She has also worked as a consultant and strategist for many companies including Goldwell, KMS, and Schwarzkopf.  Melanie is a beauty podcaster and producer of Pro Beauty Talks and
Love, Lash, Brow.  Listen on your favorite podcast app!



Justine Ivaldi
Director of Education and Head Trainer

LABA's educational program is led by the talented Justine Ivaldi.  Justine is the Director of Education and Head Trainer.  She is a licensed cosmetologist and runs her own very successful lash business in Fresno, California. She is a certified master lash artist, trainer, and coach. Justine works closely with the LABA team of trainers, affiliates, and influencers.

Stacy Moore
Head Brow Trainer

The brow division of The Lash & Brow Academy is led by Head Brow Trainer, Stacy Moore. Stacy is a very experienced lash & brow artist and owns her own salon in Auburn, California. She is also a certified master lash artist, trainer, and coach.


Kelli Modica
Senior Director
The Lash & Brow Academy is led by Kelli Modica who has been with the organization for over 11 years.  Kelli assists the lash and brow tribe in many important ways, including providing product knowledge and general education.

LABA has worked with the best in the industry to deliver an educational program that is flexible by design so that it most closely matches the student's lifestyle and learning style.  Our mantra is "by lash & brow artists, for lash & brow artists"  Our mission is to give you everything you need, and nothing you don't!

We welcome you to the LABA Tribe!
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