The NovaLash Bundle Program-Save Up To 25%

The products that you use every day are now on sale every day- Bundle, Subscribe, and SAVE up to 25%!  CALL US at 818.346.4500 EXT 402 to take advantage of this special program!



We are excited to offer our customers the Lash Artist Bundle and subscription program. NovaLash has assembled an all-encompassing kit that arms the lash artist with all of the essential tools that are used daily on their lash extension clients at a tremendous value. This program provides our customers with exclusive pricing with up to a 25% discount, 24/7, 365 days per year for the products that they are required to use every day.

These products are designed to work together so that the lash artist is offering the safest and most effective lash experience to their clients. The NovaLash products in this bundle offer superior advantages and clear differentiating factors that facilitate a safe and effective lash experience.

NovaLash is committed to providing our customers with opportunities to separate and differentiate themselves and their businesses from competing  lash salons with more effective products, techniques programs like our bundle. 


There are a couple of ways to get involved.

1. Order the NOVALASH Bundle once or anytime you wish and save up to 20%  BUNDLE PRICE: $732.69

2. Subscribe to receive your NOVALASH Bundle on a subscription (automatically shipped every 3,4, or 6 weeks)  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE: $686.90


Bundles Include:

  • 8  Boxes of Gel Patch Packs
  • 1 Boxes of Parafilm Sheets
  • 2 Rolls of Double-Sided Tape

Customize your bundle by selecting by choosing from these options:

Choose one adhesive:

  • Sensitive Eyes Lash Adhesive
  • Platinum Bond® Lash Adhesive
  • Platinum Bond® High Speed
  • Royal Platinum Bond® Advanced Lash Adhesive

Choose any combination of 15 boxes from any of Volume lashes including American volume and/or London Volume