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Length of Course:  Approximately 16 hours (not including additional study and practice after the course that is self-paced). The student will have access to 8-10 hours of online Fundamentals of EyeLash Extensions prior to attending the private class with a LABA Trainer.  The student will work with the LABA Trainer of their choice to be their instructor to schedule the training schedule.  If you do not have a preference, one will be selected for you.

Modules: 21
Lessons: 76
Quizzes: 17+

Learning Format:  Blended learning experience including online and live instruction with a LABA Trainer.  You will need to travel to your trainer according to the schedule you both agree upon.

Length of Online Access: Students receive access to the online program that coincides with their blended learning program and private instruction They have 12 months of access to the program in order to continue to study and refer to the lessons they wish to revisit more deeply.

Recommended Additional Support:  LABA Lash Coaching services

Certificate of Completion: LABA Classic Eyelash Extensions Course

Pre-requisites: Must be 18 years of age or older and have completed a qualified Classic Eyelash Extension Course.  Students in the United States must have a valid cosmetology or esthetics license.  Other health care providers may qualify for this program. Please check with your state and local agencies regarding credentials and requirements to conduct lash or brow services.

Learning Pathway:  Upon significant practice, study, and mastery of the LABA Classic Eyelash Extension Course, we recommend that the student enrolls in the LABA Volume Course as their next learning experience,  Students may choose from the online, virtual, classroom, or private training. Students should consider hiring a LABA Lash Coach to assist them on their lash journey to success.

How to Register:  Pay for your course by adding it to your shopping cart. You will then receive an email from a LABA team member regarding the next steps, including how to set up your credentials and access to this course. You will also be connected to your assigned trainer.


    * Please note the rules, laws, and licensure requirements vary from state to state and country to country.  All students are responsible for complying with all governing agencies in the practice of eyelash and brow services.  Most states in the US require an individual to have either a cosmetology license or esthetics license in order to conduct eyelash and most brow services.  Health and safety regulations vary from state to state and even county by county.  It is the student's responsibility to follow all protocols as established by the health department and other regulatory bodies. By taking this online class, the student assumes all responsibility and liability. There are no refunds available on this course.