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Course Fee: $188.00
Length of Course: Approximately 8 to 10 hours (not including additional study)
Modules: 14
Lessons: 41
Quizzes: 14
Learning Format:  Self-paced, self-study

Certificate of Completion: LABA Fundamentals of Eyelash Extensions Online Course

Length of Access:  6 months from date of registration and purchase

Pre-requisites: Must be 18 years of age or older. Please check with your state and local agencies regarding credentials and requirements to conduct lash or brow services. This course does not provide hands-on training in eyelash extension application.  It is primarily a theory class that is foundational to future learning.

Learning Pathway: After successful completion of this course, if the student is interested in continuing to develop skills as a lash artist, they should enroll in the LABA Classic Eyelash Extensions Course (select from the online, virtual, classroom, or private training).

Kit:  A kit is not included in this course.  The student is urged to purchase a Classic Student Practice Kit with this course.  If the student prefers not to purchase the complete kit, a list of supplies needed for this course will be provided to the student so they can purchase each individual item on the list.

How to Register:  Pay for your course by adding it to your shopping cart. You will then receive an email from a LABA team member regarding the next steps, including how to set up your credentials and access to this course.

About This Course

In any area of study, a complete understanding of the theory and science behind a craft is critical to future mastery and success.  LABA has developed this in-depth online course of study that provides the fundamental knowledge necessary before beginning the class or classes that teach eyelash extension application.  This is a very effective way of utilizing precious time while offering a self-paced program.  The student who is continuing on with their lash education is able to "show up" with a strong base of learning and ready to be emersed in the practical application of eyelash extensions.

The LABA Fundamentals of Eyelash Extensions course can be purchased separately from other more advanced courses as a stand-alone experience.  This is particularly useful for someone who would like a "refresher" and is interested in deepened knowledge of the theory and science behind the skill of eyelash extension application.  It is also helpful for a professional who may wish to learn more about a career as a lash artist prior to committing to further courses and training. Lash salon owners may find this course helpful when testing knowledge of new lash artists. Cosmetology schools may find it helpful as a key component to their overall eyelash extension training program provided to their cosmetology and esthetics students.

This course is not an eyelash extension application or certification course. Students who successfully complete the 14 modules and pass all of the quizzes will receive a Certificate of Completion.  If a student decides to take other classes offered by The Lash & Brow Academy at a later time that require this course to be completed as a prerequisite, such as the LABA Classic + Fundamentals Course, they will be given "credit" for completing this portion of that particular course as long as it is within a 6 month period of time.

How Long Does This Course Take To Complete?

Because the course is "self-paced", the student is able to study when convenient and complete the course on the student's own timeline.  If a student chooses to go through the entire course at one time, it will take between eight and ten hours to consume all of the content and take all of the quizzes.  Note that you will not be able to move to the next module unless you pass each quiz demonstrating your understanding and learning.

What Will I Learn?

The LABA Fundamentals of Eyelash Extensions*
14 Learning Modules/41 Lessons/

  • Classic Evolution of Eyelash Enhancements
  • Classic Adhesives
    • How to Store Adhesives
  • Eyes and Diseases
  • Irritation & Allergy
    • Eye Flush
  • Disinfection
    • Best Practices for Lash Use & Disposal
  • Lash Equipment
    • Lash Artist Set-Up
  • Lash Extension FAQ
  • Client Consultation
  • Length, Diameter & Curl
  • Eye Shapes & Lash Styling
  • Posture
    • Body Care Tips
  • Before & After
  • Supplies and Procedure
  • Pricing & Marketing

* Please note the rules, laws, and licensure requirements vary from state to state and country to country.  All students are responsible for complying with all governing agencies in the practice of eyelash and brow services.  Most states in the US require an individual to have either a cosmetology license or esthetics license in order to conduct eyelash and most brow services.  By taking this online class, the student assumes all responsibility and liability. There are no refunds available on this course.