LABA VOLUME & VOLUME + MIXED 16 ROW TRAYS: Long Length Palette 8mm to 14mm

LABA VOLUME & VOLUME + MIXED 16 ROW TRAYS: Long Length Palette 8mm to 14mm

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This "long length" palette of eyelash extensions includes 16 rows of lashes available in four different curvatures including B, C, CC, and D.  They come in .03, .05, and .07  diameters. Within the tray, the artist will find the following selection of lash lengths:

  8mm (1 rows)
  9mm (2 rows)
10mm (3 rows)
11mm (3 rows)
12mm (3 rows)
13mm (2 rows)
14mm (2 rows)


A set of beautiful eyelash extensions is tailored and customized for each individual client by the professional lash artist.  This plan begins taking shape during the client consultation and includes communication between the artist and the client that includes a discussion about the client's lifestyle, health, and expectation of the end result. "All things are created twice, first in your mind, and then in reality" -

It is our life's dream to provide you with a full array of eyelash extensions designed to mix and match using your artistic creative freedom.  The LABA portfolio affords the experienced service provider the opportunity to choose from different curvatures, diameters, and lengths.  Additionally, mixed trays in various creative configurations have been designed to assist you with application speed and customization.  Whether you are creating a classic, volume, mega-volume, or hybrid set, you will have everything you need within the lash collection from LABA.


  • Flexible and soft
  • A beautiful array of lengths, curvatures, and diameters
  • Available in even and odd lengths
  • Dark black color with a satin finish
  • 16 rows, scored in half
  • High-quality PBT fiber
  • The portfolio includes "lash artist" friendly palettes with mixed trays of your favorites