"By Lash Artists for Lash Artists"

The LABA brand of eyelash extensions was created in 2021. Did you know that LABA is an acronym for the Lash & Brow Academy? The academy has trained thousands of lash & brow artists over the last 15 years. The LABA tribe of Master Trainers, Ambassadors, Advocates, and Lash Artists have a passion for the industry. They have a desire to provide new products and education that incorporate the latest in technological advances. The academy's mission is to build a tribe of professional lash & brow artists that work together to grow, support, & empower one another throughout their careers and lives. It is for these reasons that the LABA brand was born.

LABA curated a prestige portfolio of professional eyelash extensions, adhesives, products and tools in collaboration with lash artists with decades of experience. Products are tested by this talented team and never tested on animals. It is our life’s dream (yes, we dream about lashes), to provide artists with a full array of eyelash extensions designed to maximize their artistic freedom and grow their craft. The LABA portfolio affords the lash artist the opportunity to choose eyelash extensions of different curvatures, diameters, lengths and colors.  Viewing lash artistry as an individualized "bespoke" experience, LABA continues to add to it's toolbox in order to meet the needs and desires of a discerning clientele and lash artists at all stages of their lash journey.

LABA education and training is second to none. LABA Master Trainers are experienced lash artists and educators. A progressive learning pathway has been designed to assist new and experienced lash artists on their success journey with focus on the art and science of eyelash extensions. 

Whether the lash artist is creating a classic, volume, volume + (mega-volume), or hybrid set for client, they will find everything they need within the LABA Eyelash Extension portfolio. We are here to answer any questions you may have and welcome you!  Please let us know how we can be of service.