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The Precision Lifter Tool has been designed with superior workmanship, and showcases 16 fine tooth Japanese stainless-steel combs to allow for meticulous separation of all lashes, including even fine lashes.  The capability of more defined layer separation is achievable due to the deeper set grooves within the luxury combing tool.  Elegant handle design built from high quality composite with a dual-purpose precision isolator this intelligent tool is cleverly balanced to give the lash artist, comfort, control and a commanding experience.  The refined isolation tip is perfect for maneuvering of particular lashes for multiple styling options. 

The Precision Lifter Tool is compatible with HLD (High Level Disinfectant) systems for ease of decontamination.  Eco friendly materials have been used to manufacture this tool and another considered benefit of this tool is that it is completely recyclable. 

 Instructions for Cleaning:

1.  Wash tool with luke warm soapy water to remove any glue or product residue

2.  Submerse tool in disinfectant (HLD) as per manufacturer of disinfertant brands instructions.  Prolonged exposure to HLD or beyond manufacturers recommendation for submersion is not recommended as it may cause corrosion or damange to the tool.

3.  Remove tool from disinfectant solution wearing gloves

4.  Rinse thoroughly with cool running water to remove any remaining disinfctant

5.  Dry the tool and store cleaned Precision Lifter Tool in a sterile covered container