LABA Gel Lash Adhesive Remover

LABA Gel Lash Adhesive Remover

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Eyelash extension removal is a professional service. The client should never remove eyelash extensions at home.  We always advise lash artists to offer lash extension removal services using a professional product.  You may have new clients that have come to you to remove a complete set of lashes that were not appropriately applied. You may have a client who came in for a fill but missed a few too many appointments, and the best thing to do is apply a complete set and start fresh. It is also common for clients to "take a break" from eyelash extensions for various reasons. No matter the reason, you will be prepared with the LABA Professional Eyelash Extension Gel Adhesive.

We love our remover because it is easy to use and will remove any brand eyelash extension adhesive without affecting or damaging your client's natural lash. It has been specifically formulated to be thicker so it stays on the lashes without leaking into the client's eyes. By the way, never try this on yourself!

We do not advise our clients to try to remove their eyelash extensions at home.  It is important to educate our valued clients about safe removal and what the steps are.  We don't advise the lash artist to use the remover gel to remove a few lash extensions. There are other methods of removal that are used to remove those that are grown out or need to be removed prior to new lash extensions being applied.   Some of those methods are the "Banana Peel" or "Pinch" method.

* Removal of eyelash extensions can be done on your client when they are sitting on the treatment bed, or lying down on the bed.  

Here are pro tips for a removal service:

1.  Wash your hands, follow all disinfecting and sanitation protocols

2.  Set up your station for the removal. You will need:

  • LABA Professional Eyelash Extension Gel Adhesive
  • LABA Cleansing Brush (Lint-Free Applicator may be used)
  • Undereye lint-free eye pads
  • Micro Swab Applicator Brushes
  • Lint-Free Applicators
  • Lint-Free Cotton pads
  • Non-woven, Lint-Free Square Pads
  • Tweezers
  • Timer

3.  Suggested Protocols:

  • Walk your client through the procedure before and during the service.
  • Your client's eyes must be kept tightly closed throughout the removal process.
  • Take a 'before" photo.
  • Gently cleanse the entire eye area including the lashes with LABA LASH SHAMPOO.
    •  Dispense a small dollop of the cleanser to the Lint-Free Applicator and apply it to the client's eye area. Cleanse the lashes and eye area.
    • Rinse the eye area to remove the remaining shampoo and debris. This can be done with lint-free pads saturated with water.
    • Carefully pat the eye area dry with the non-woven, lint-free square pad(s).
    • Use your handheld fan to dry the eye area if needed to complete the drying process.
  • Apply undereye lint-free undereye pads and apply tape if needed. Remind your client to keep their eyes tightly closed throughout the removal process.
  • Gently shake the bottle of the gel remover.
  • Dispense a small amount of the remover on a clean adhesive sticker or another clean surface. "Load" the remover onto two micro swabs or lint-free applicators.
  • Using a stroking method, apply the gel remover on the top and the bottom of the upper lash line.  Do not over-saturate. 
  • Leave the remover on the lashes for approximately 3 minutes
  • Gently brush the lashes away from the natural lash in an outward motion with two micro-swab applicator brushes or lint-free swabs (on top and the bottom of the upper lash line). Be careful not to get too close to the client's eyes and natural lash line.
  • You can also use your tweezers if you need additional assistance in removing loosened extensions.
  • Place removed eyelash extensions on a small square piece of paper towel or pad.
  • Be sure all extensions are removed.  You can reapply the remover to remove stubborn lashes if necessary.
  • Once all eyelash extensions have been removed, gently rinse the eye area and the lashes with a water-saturated pad.
  • Remove eye pads and tape slowly from the outer corner to the inner corner.
  • Rinse the lashes again with water-saturated pads
  • Gently repeat the cleansing of the client's lashes with the LABA LASH SHAMPOO. Rinse and dry!
  • With your client keeping their eyes closed, carefully help them sit up (if they were laying down for the procedure)
  • Take an "after" photo
  • Fan your client's eyes while you ask them to slowly open their eyes.
  • If you are now going to apply a new full set, be sure that the entire eye area is completely dry and that you re-apply new eye pads.