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LABA VIP EYELASH EXTENSION ADHESIVE .05 Dry Time (For Master Lash Artists Only)

LABA VIP EYELASH EXTENSION ADHESIVE .05 Dry Time (For Master Lash Artists Only)

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High-Performance Adhesive for High Performing Master Lash Artists

As a Master Lash Artist, you lash with lightning speed, precision, and creativity. Time is valuable to you and your client. Our LABA team created this high-performance adhesive just for you. With a dry time of about .5 seconds (yes, that is 1/2 second.... a blink of the eye), low fumes, and 6-7 weeks bonding strength, your clients will love you forever! We love our VIP adhesive for LABA Volume and Volume+ styling because it is much easier to make fans when your adhesive dries quickly. As a very experienced artist, you will also find VIP very helpful when applying LABA Classic Eyelash Extensions for clients. Your clients will think you are a magician and you kind of are a big deal! 

Photo Credit:  Justine Ivaldi, LABA Master Lash Artist

The LABA Way-For Professional Use Only

Like you, we got tired of seeing "professional products" being sold on a variety of online stores to unlicensed individuals who had little or no experience or eyelash extension training. Conducting eyelash extension services requires a cosmetology or esthetician license in most states. Maintaining the highest standard of professionalism and client safety is of utmost importance to all of us and we know it is for you.  All of our LABA product formulations have been developed specifically for use or recommendation by licensed cosmetologists and estheticians. Additionally, we strongly urge all licensed lash professionals to get certified in LABA Classic, LABA Volume, and LABA Volume+. This gives you the training and preparedness for your role as an accomplished advanced eyelash extension artist. That certificate on the wall is more than just a piece of paper.  It is your credibility and builds confidence.


Credential Requirements:

  • Cosmetology and/or Esthetician License (check local regulatory agencies for other requirements)

  • Advanced Certification in Eyelash Extension Application and Artistry

  • Advanced Master Lash Artist (5+ years lashing)
Key Features, Advantages & Benefits:

Latex-Free - 
reduces chances of your clients having an allergic reaction
Delivered in Hermetically Sealed Bags-for safety and freshness
Low Fumes - minimizes irritation and discomfort during service
Waterproof - allow for the client to swim or shower immediately after service
Oil Resistant- Flexible bonding to the natural lash allows clients to enjoy lash extension longevity, even when using safe oil-based facial products
Lightweight- VIP's thinner viscosity gives the client a very natural feel while providing long-lasting results
Excellent Retention- providing clients with more time in-between fills
High-Performance Ingredients- Made in the USA, quality ingredients, premium packaging
Professionally Used and Tested- All LABA products are used and tested by LABA Master Lash Artists
Never Tested on Animals-We only test on each other, never on animals
100% Vegan-because it is the right thing to do, and we do it whenever we can.
Sold exclusively to licensed cosmetologists & estheticians-for professionals by professionals

VIP Eyelash Extension Adhesive Specifications:

  • Fume Level-Low to Medium Low
  • Viscosity-Thin
  • Dry Time-.5 Seconds
  • Bonding Strength- 6-7 Weeks*
  • Relative Humidity Range- 30% to 70%
  • Ideal Humidity Range- 30% to 60%
  • Ideal Temperature- 68° to 72°



Ethyl Cyanoacrylate
Polymethyl Methacrylate
Carbon Black

 Instructions for Use:

  • Evaluate the humidity and temperature in your treatment room in order to adjust humidity level if necessary (using a humidifier or dehumidifier)
  • Shake the LABA adhesive vigorously for one minute (with the cap on)
  • Dispense a small dot of adhesive using your preferred method (i.e. jade stone, crystal, adhesive ring, back of the glove method, etc)
  • Place cap back on the bottle of adhesive in-between use
  • Upon completion of use, wipe the lid with a lint-free pad, place the cap back on the bottle, and store according to the instructions below.

Instructions for Storage:

  • Keep bottles of adhesive tightly closed
  • Avoid leaving the cap off for extended periods of time
  • Store in a cool, dark, and dry location
  • Do not refrigerate
  • Keep adhesive out of the sunlight
  • It is best to store in an airtight jar or in a sealed bag of uncooked rice or silica

Freshness Guaranteed for 30 Days:  
With proper storage and care, LABA Eyelash Extension Adhesives retain their efficacy for 30 days from the date opened. We recommend purchasing a fresh bottle of adhesive every 30 days to maximize the efficacy.

Exchange or Returns: 
You may return an unopened and hermetically sealed LABA Eyelash Extension Adhesive within thirty days of purchase for exchange or credit.  We want you to be very happy!! Please let us know if you have any questions during use. The academy will work hard to make sure you are a happy LABA lash artist!

* Bonding strength refers to the length of time the eyelash extension bonds to the natural lash.  Due to the natural growth cycle of the eyelash, natural lashes grow, rest, and shed every 60 to 90 days, and sometimes even sooner.  While most of this goes on "behind the scenes", it is not uncommon to become more aware of these phases when wearing eyelash extensions. This is because the bonded extension is still attached to the lash that is naturally shedding and we see them more clearly.